Lenin Wouldn’t Be Ridin’ With Biden

The ridiculous justifications of voting for Joe Biden from Liberals disguising as Left-wing keep coming. Don’t cave to them.

Joe Biden: “Antifa Candidate”

Senator Joe Biden embraces President Bill Clinton at the signing ceremony of the Biden Crime Bill at the White House on September 13, 1994.
Biden with Izetbegović in 1993 on a trip to Sarajevo.
For 78 days, NATO and US Forces bombed Kosovo nonstop, leading to the murder of more than 500 civilians.

“Lenin would’ve voted for Biden”

Under the Obama administration State Troopers, National Guard, and local law enforcement brutalized over 300 peaceful protestors at the Standing Rock Reservation.
Kamala Harris joins Border Patrol and Law Enforcement to patrol the border wall, 2011

Studying and promoting the science and practice of Dialectical Materialism, helping to build a more disciplined Left.

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