Fifty years ago today, the largest known instance of direct action in the United States that you never heard of was carried out.

On January 6th of this year, thousands of Donald Trump supporters swarmed the United States capitol, holding the entire nation in captive awe as monuments to the American Empire were taken over by masses of people fed up with established powers, and what they would likely call “deep-state” operatives who, in their view, were stealing the election from then-President Donald J. Trump. …

Fidel Castro outlines the flaws embedded in the Third-Worldist Position, debunking the myths of so-called “Soviet Imperialism”.

As the Cold War chilled forth throughout the majority of the twentieth century, the entire geopolitical landscape became increasingly polarized. Through a period of decolonization that began through the aid of the Soviet Union, dozens of national liberation movements succeeded in attaining their independence throughout the Global South. While many maintained the Marxist-Leninist lines that shattered the chains of colonialism, many also mistakenly began to cozy up to their former North Atlantic colonizers through means of loans and military arrangements.

In this era, the Non-Aligned Movement was established in 1961, with the aim of maintaining independence and avoiding the increasing…

In the United States, reactionary forces parrot many lies about socialism and communism. One that stands out and always seems to stand the test of time is that Communists are naturally un-American. From the genesis of anti-communist sentiment, the chief lines aim to exoticize and alienate socialism from those who desperately require it the most, the American working class.

This myth largely persists due to the history of the House Un-American Activities Committee, or HUAC, in which our capitalist two-party duopoly led a bipartisan effort to criminalize and de-naturalize Communist organizing during the postwar era. Of course, one might wonder…

A mass dance in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the rainy streets of Pyongyang.

In the United States, there exists a prevalent culture of drug use. Within this culture are varying subcultures. Each drug, drink, or intoxicant carries a signifier of class, race, sexuality, tradition, or segment of society. Heroin and cocaine carry class signifiers. Martinis and Budweiser differ in their own implications. The use of inebriating substances is so prevalent that there was a well-known “War on Drugs” within the latter part of the twentieth century.

This “War”, declared by the ruling class that was at the time largely White, was still embraced by many non-White facets of American society. Black and Brown…

Many on the Left discuss “decolonization”, while little know what it materially will look like. Bolivia under Indigenous leadership gave us, and hopefully will continue to give us, a preview.

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales Ayma celebrates the sunrise during a winter solstice ceremony in Tiwanaku

For almost a year, the people of the Plurinational State of Bolivia have been resisting a US-backed coup. On October 20th of last year, President Evo Morales had handily won the first round of voting, but due to a minor reporting outage, his detractors cried foul. The right-wing opposition dragged out the incident, accusing Morales and his party Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) of electoral fraud, culminating in his forced exile…

J. Sakai offers an anti-worker analysis of revolution. Fred Hampton offered us an alternative we must learn from.

In the late 1960s, Chicago Black Panthers and Confederate Flag-wielding Young Patriots united to uplift the working class through a multi-racial coalition.

We are Marxists and Marxism teaches that in our approach to a problem we should start from objective facts, not from abstract definitions, and that we should derive our guiding principles, policies and measures from an analysis of these facts.” — Chairman Mao Zedong


Across the history of organizing the masses of the working class, certain forms of decadence and distortions of theories, histories, and tendencies have arisen within Marxism. Typically these bastardizations of historical materialism can be codified as petty bourgeois. …

The ridiculous justifications of voting for Joe Biden from Liberals disguising as Left-wing keep coming. Don’t cave to them.

A new phenomenon among the online Left is a certain elementary misreading of the Left’s role in participating within corporate-swayed, bourgeois elections. In doing so, misguided liberals revealed their deep confusion around the legacy of Bolshevik revolutionary and inspiration to anti-imperialist struggles worldwide, Vladimir Ilych Lenin.

Typically, it is easy to ignore liberal voteshaming such as this, as the aims of conjuring up enough guilt inside socialists to vote for democrats is usually attempted by some unabashedly bourgeois yuppie. However, in this instance, people who are earnestly socialist are taking the bait. …

“Bidding Farewell to the International Brigades”, Robert Capa, Spain, 1938

“These people think that when you change the names of things, the nature of the things themselves change.” — Friedrich Engels

After thirty years in a grave dug by neoliberalism and imperialism, communism and socialism have been resurrected and a new generation is ready to take up its cause. Learning from the successes and failures of revolutionaries of the twentieth century alike, a bright-eyed youth is guided through the darkness of economic and climate doom by the light of a socialist future. The collective understanding of such a perilous forecast was grappled by the Zoomers, and in what seems to…

Erich Arbor

Studying and promoting the science and practice of Dialectical Materialism, helping to build a more disciplined Left.

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